Canterbury Festival Review: Radio Blighty – a brilliant way to spend an hour

The world we live in is bogged down with reality TV, social media and a lack of original ideas. Gone are the days where imagination was the fundamental way to express yourself and unlock new worlds. Every genre is saturated and has been done a million times. Until my experience last Wednesday.

The Cast of Radio Blighty’s Idle Hour.

Part of the Canterbury Festival was Radio Blighty’s Idle Hour at the Spiegeltent (which in Dutch means Mirror tent) and on reflection was a performance not to forget.

The show which lasted an hour sent you across the globe from Nazi Germany all the way to an island inhabited by natives. The show set during the 1940’s is a true representation of the golden age of radio entertainment. Full of spiffing songs and corking commercials to make the audience member seem like they were tuning their wireless.

The sound guy acted great effect.

My favourite part was the use of sound effects. From machine guns loading to doors slamming every noise was produced by one man. A range of accents also followed including: German, French and even tribal.

The second tale told was ‘It came from the deep’.

The Idle Hour consisted of two mini stories. One catapulted you into wartime Europe as you joined squadron leader Anderson risking his life to rescue the RAF’s top pilots in ‘Escape from Castle Kronenburg!’ Then join Dr Carstairs expedition as he hunts for a rare flower and battle a beastly sea monster in ‘It Came from the Deep!’

With laughs and puns and audience participation it is a delightful hour of escapism.

You can book tickets for Radio Blighty at

You can also follow them on social media:


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